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Our mission is to nurture the entrepreneurship mindset, abilities, and skills of both foreign and native residents of Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic and empower them. 

We gathered best practices on how to help participants to have better access to and be more competitive in the labor market and the digital economies, take advantage of the knowledge and skills they already have, and turn their ideas into successful businesses. You can access the selection of best practices in the Materials section.






Expert trainers

1st Camp - Development of the idea and market analysis

1. Think about your idea of business
Do you already have an idea?
What problem do you want to solve?
Which product/service would you improve?

2. Validate your idea
Is your idea worth the investment?
Let's use the Javelin Board to investigate
Who are your potential clients?
Are you answering their needs and problems?

3. Competitor analysis
Who are your competitors?
How do they sell, how do they advertise?
What is their price?

4. Market analysis
How many are the clients you will sell to?
Let's use the TAM SAM SOM method

5. Validate the solution
Is your solution the most functional for your clients?
How can you test this?
Be open to change your product or service


2nd Camp - Business plan & legal aspects

1. Business Plan
What is a Business Plan?
Is it useful for your StartUp?
What should you include?

2. Legal Aspects
Do you need to take care of legal issues?
Which ones?


3rd Camp - How to finance a project?

1. Why should you discuss with investors?
What do they expect from you?
How can they help your project?

2. What do you need to present?

How to prepare for a meeting with investors?
What is a pitch deck?

3. Financing opportunities
How can you finance your business?
Which are the most common opportunities?
Which is the most suitable for you?


4th Camp - How to promote my business?

1. Product development
Can digital tools be useful? Which ones?
How can you speed up the process?
How can you improve the final product/service?

2. Marketing
Define your goals and your target
Find the best marketing tools for you

3. Networking
How to find contacts that can help you grow?
Could you need a partner?
Take advice from people already in the field


Ideas Market in Warsaw

The final event, called Idea Market, gave rising entrepreneurs from Slovakia, Poland, and the Czech Republic the opportunity to present their business ideas, consult with trainers from other countries, but also to test the viability of their ideas through confrontations with independent experts (Adrianna Śniadowska, Katarzyna Sędkiewicz (Malec), Nadia Bouacid).

Partner Organizations

Want to know who is behind Start up your idea?



InBáze, z.s. was established in 2005 as a community center. The purpose of InBáze is to help immigrants and their families to integrate in the Czech Republic. We create a safe open space for Czech public and migrants to meet, collaborate and enhance their mutual understanding of each other. InBáze was primarily established as a civic initiative of Czechs and migrants which was operating on a volunteering basis, and even nowadays volunteers play a major role in helping InBáze to run its activities. InBáze provides a wide range of activities – social, legal, psychological and career counselling for migrants; programs for families and children (weekly clubs for children, one day activities, summer camps), community center activities for migrants and general public (club for women, club for seniors, ethnic cuisine workshops, storytelling etc.), educational activities for schools, Czech language courses, annual festival RefuFest. InBáze has its own social enterprise Ethnocatering, which is based on the concept of social entrepreneurship and co-finances the organizational activity.



CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research is an independent, non-profit research
institute founded on the idea that research-based policy-making is vital for the economic
welfare of societies. Established in Warsaw in 1991, CASE today is recognized as the top
think tank in Central and Eastern Europe. CASE specializes in research and development
projects. The aim of the Foundation is to develop the most effective and helpful management
methods that are essential for the economic well-being of society. The organization provides
a wide range of activities. Above all, it deals with the following issues:
1. Fiscal, monetary and financial policy;
2. The policy of sustainable development;
3. Trade, innovation and productivity policies.



Our target group is a society as a whole. Mareena assists foreigners with an integration process through volunteering programmes and educational activities. Through community activities we create a friendly environment to connect locals with foreigners and we are aiming to start an open discussion in society about migration, integration and its challenges.

We work with both Slovak and European nonprofit organisations as well as organisations partnering with V4 countries. We get inspired by countries with conditions similar to ours and we are seeking solutions to current challenges from a local point of view. It is important to us that our activities are meaningful and effective and that they lead towards fulfilling our goals - that is why we like to measure results of our activities.

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