20 Mar 2023
olga's crd

Hello, I'm a photographer that takes high-quality photos and it's not just the photos but it's a story. Through my photo, I try to capture any part of one's life. I think that the camera, whether video or photo is the greatest invention that mankind could invent. Cameras can help us capture moments, that will stay in our memory for a long time because we cannot return to our past, but we can return to it in our minds. We can return our feelings just by leaving them once again in our minds. And I think it's great. Especially for parents whose children grow very quickly and want to save this moment for the children. Cameras and photos help us to keep these moments. Interestingly, everybody has family photo albums, but most of these albums are interesting only for themselves because there are only portraits. My goal is to create photos that would be interesting not only for ourselves but for other people, like paintings. Yesterday I visited National Museum in Warsaw. The crowds of people were gathered near paintings that tell us a story. For example Babie Lato (Indian Summer). There is a girl that lays on the grass and plays with a spider net. And it's one moment of the life of this girl, but it can tell us much more. What kind of girl, in what condition she lives, what she likes, some atmosphere.... Maybe the background can tell us about what is happening in her country or this territory and it will stay in our minds. So I create such a photo. I plan to develop myself. In such a way, I have two target groups, the first ones are children or parents who want to take a photo of their children. And the second is women who want to present and uniquely show themselves. So on different backgrounds, in different poses with many attributes that can show us the character. And that can stay in the recipient's mind longer. For example, if somebody wants to promote themselves in unique poses, I think that it helps promote them on social networks. For a businesswoman, for example, if she has a shop, for example, clothes, she can then have photos with clothes that she sells, but in an interesting way.